Medals and badges William F. Philips probably earned

William Frank Philips was born June 25, 1916 in Texas and moved to the Los Angeles Area when he was a teen. He had a 4 year High School education. Philips married Virginia Clark on November 8, 1941, when he was 25 years old. Virginia stayed to live at 2307 Addison Way, her paternal home. William F. Philips civil occupation was “ master, ship or mail clerk or personnel clerk or traffic rate clerk or dispatcher, motor vehicle”. He enlisted December 2, 1941, five days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

He first was assigned to the Medical Dept. in the Army Air Corps. He was Transferred to the Infantry in October 1944. First Lieutenant Philips left for Overseas Duty, in January 1945, with the 45th Infantry Division and was assigned to the 180th Infantry Regiment. He fought his way through Germany and wrote often to his Wife “Ginny” back home. He wrote two letters to her on April 18, 1945, during the Battle for Nurnberg. First Lieutenant William Philips was was mortally wounded and died while leading his platoon against a fierce German counterattack on the April 19, 1945. Philips’ wife “Ginny” received the letters from her husband after he was already Killed in Action. The 45th Infantry Division took Nurnberg and went on to liberate the Dachau concentration camp, 10 days after First Lieutenant Philips was killed. He recieved the Purple Heart and the Silver Star for Valor during his actions.

Lt. William F. Philips' Purple Heart

Philips’ effects and medals were sent to his wife Virginia. His body was sent back to Los Angeles for burial and the memorial.