Pvt. Leland C. Heller was born in Illinois in 1921. He lived in Winnebago County, Illinois. Leland completed 1 year of High School and worked as a tracktor driver/truck driver light and heavy/chauffeur. On July 21, 1942, at age 21, Leland Heller voluntary enlisted in CP Grant, Illinois.

Pvt. Heller became part of the 82nd Airborne Division, 505th PIR, Regimental HQ (R/HQ). On December 25, 1944 at a hill near Trois-Ponts Pvt. Heller and a lot of other soldiers were fixing their Christmas meals early in the morning. Suddenly 4 American P-47’s flew over and dropped 500 pound bombs at the Germans at the other side of the hill. The last P-47 pilot thought that some of the Americans Germans were and dropped his bombs at the American troopers. As a result of this tragic misunderstanding 8 GI’s were killed. Pvt. Heller was one of those 8 men and Died of Wounds on December 26, 1944, at age 23, in Belgium. Mr. Allen C. Barger (82nd ABN, 505th PIR, D Co.) wrote a poem in honor of these men who died that day. The 8 casualties were:

Pvt. Kenneth R. Craig (D Co.)
Pfc. Edwin G. Davis (D Co.)
Pvt. Thomas H. Evans (D Co.)
Pvt. John L. Grant (D Co.)
Pvt. Leland C. Heller (R/HQ)
Sgt. Donald H. Olds (D Co.)
Cpl. Harold V. Schramm (D Co.)
Pvt. Bernard J. Schroeder (D Co.)

ASN: 16076777
Awards: Silver Star Medal, Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart
Buried at: Plot C Row 1 Grave 38
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium

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