Medals Arnold Evans probably won

Arnold Napoleon Evans entered the service from Texas. He entered the US Navy and received the Navy Training Course Certificate on November 28, 1940, which promoted him from Seaman Second Class to Seaman First Class.

Arnold Evans was already serving for more then a year in the US Navy when the US declared the war to Japan after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Meanwhile Evans became a Fireman Second Class and served on the USS Pillsbury.

On 4 June, about 100 miles off the Cape Verdes, sound contact was made on a U-boat trying to penetrate the destroyer screen for a shot at Guadalcanal. Two pilots sighted the submarine running under the surface, and splashed the sea with gunfire to point out the contact to Pillsbury, Jenks (DE-665), and Chatelain (DE-149) rushing to the attack. The destroyers fired their depth charges and in 13 minutes forced the submarine to the surface. In a withering fire of small ar ms and light gunnery the German gun crews were swept from the decks. Pillsbury lowered a boarding party and, in a drama reminiscent of old Navy days, the boarding party rushed on board and took as prisoners the U-boat Captain, five officers, and fifty-three of her crew. A 2,500 mile haul to Bermuda was made, with U-505 trailing meekly on the end of a tow line. The captured submarine revealed some of the German Navy’s most guarded secrets. For this demonstration of conspicuous gallantry and achievement, Pillsbury was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation (Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Naval History Division - Washington - USS Pillsbury II (DE-133)).

The USS Pillsbury received five Battle Stars for WWII service. Evans probably had more Battle Stars as the USS Pillsbury was commissioned in June 1943 and Evans served in the Navy for a much longer time then 1943. After WWII, Fireman Second Class Arnold N. Evans died on 25 November, 1945 (presumed) aboard the U.S.S. Pillsbury.

The document in memory of Evans beying killed after WWII ended reads:

“In Grateful Memory of
Arnold Napoleon Evans
Who Died in the Service of his Country
At Sea, Asiatic Area, USS Pillsbury, 25 November, 1945 (presumed)
He Stands in the Unbroken Line of Patriots who have Dared to Die
That Freedom might Live, and Grow, and Increase its Blessings
Freedom Lives, and through it, He Lives
In a Way that Humbles the Undertakings of Most Men”

F2C Arnold Evans is Missing in Action or Buried at Sea and listed on the Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines.

Arnold Evans' Purple Heart